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Bennett Morrison, MD. LLC

Putting the “person” back in “personal care”

Going to the doctor’s office for your medical needs nowadays can feel like going to the DMV. It is confusing, impersonal, and rushed. You sit in a crowded waiting room for an hour and when you leave you may not have gotten what you came for in the first place.

This is why at Bennett Morrison MD LLC, the patient’s care is our focus. The atmosphere is quiet and calm with immediate recognition by someone who knows who you are when you walk in. Your appointment has ample time for an un-rushed and comprehensive approach. Urgent care appointments and prescriptions can be accomplished same or next day. Paperwork will be handled promptly. You have access to the office and physician by phone, e-mail and walk-ins. The office phone is answered by a person and voice mail will only be utilized “after hours”. We encourage calls by the family spokesperson to help coordinate the best care of their loved-ones. Even hospital and home visits will be available.

A yearly physical is conducted on ALL patients, including Medicare patients*. Labs are obtained on ALL patients, including Medicare patients*. Labs are drawn at the office with the convenience of appointment times to help keep you on schedule because we recognize that your time is very important. Your membership fee covers the cost of yearly/Physical exam labs to avoid rejections by the insurance companies/Medicare and help keep worry out of the process.

*Medicare only offers a Wellness Exam which is a questionnaire and does not include a physical exam or lab work.