Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What do you mean by a “Membership Practice”?

The “Membership Practice” model is one in which each patient who is a member of Bennett Morrison, M.D., LLC (the “Practice”) pays an Annual Fee that covers most of the primary care received in-office, as well as enhanced services not normally available in a traditional medical practice. This includes flexible hours, direct access to Dr. Morrison by cell phone, text, or email, same day or next-day sick appointments, unhurried office visits, very short in-office wait time, local hospital visits to enhance the transition of care to home, and an in-depth annual preventative health assessment and exam. There will be no other bills from the Practice unless you exceed the services covered by the Annual Fee, as explained below. This new approach is really a return to true patient-centric, old-fashioned care where the patient is the priority. It is a smaller, more intimate Practice that allows you to have a personal relationship with your physician. The goal is to provide care that is more responsive, thorough, and individualized. Dr. Morrison will be working for YOU.

What does the Annual Fee cover?

The Annual Fee includes an annual preventative health care assessment and exam, including a gynecological examination when appropriate, a comprehensive lab panel, EKG, and pulmonary functions if indicated. Additionally, the Annual Fee includes 12 office visits (8 office visits for patients under age 35) and 12 blood draws.

How much is the Annual Fee, and what payment options are available

The Annual Fee varies depending upon your age and method & frequency of payment.

    • Patients ages 32+: $1,650 – $1,850
    • Patients ages 18 – 31*: $1,150 – $1,350

* All individuals under age 21 must have at least one parent as a member of the Practice. Please review the Practice’s Fee Agreement for more details.

Is the Annual Fee refundable if I move or simply decide that this Practice is not right for me?

Yes, the Annual Fee covers services available to you while you are in the Practice. If you leave the Practice for any reason, a pro-rata portion of the fee will be returned to you. If you have already received your Annual Physical Examination for the year, then $500 will be deducted from any pro-rata refund owed to you.

Do I have to pay a co-pay?

There are no co-pays for services covered under the Annual Fee. The Annual Fee covers the annual comprehensive preventative health assessment and exam and set number of additional visits per year (8 visits for patients under age 35 or 12 visits for patients ages 35 and up), either in office, at home, or at a nursing home. (Home and nursing home visits are provided when clinically indicated and appropriate.) In the event that Dr. Morrison is on vacation or attending a continuing medical education seminar, he will be covered by a qualified colleague with the same type of membership practice. There are no charges in any form associated with the cross-covering physician.

What if I need to see Dr. Morrison more than the included number of visits?

For any visits beyond those covered under the Annual Fee, the Practice will collect a fee of $10.

I already have good health insurance–why should I pay extra to join this Practice?

While most insurance plans cover primary care office visits and other services, patients often have difficulty in obtaining timely appointments with their doctor, and rarely have adequate time for their concerns to be fully heard and addressed. Despite their best intentions, physicians are frequently left feeling rushed and unable to fully address wellness and preventive health approaches.

Dr. Morrison’s membership model provides a level of personal service not generally found in a traditional primary care medical practice, including a comprehensive preventative health assessment and exam, flexible hours, direct access to Dr. Morrison by cell phone and email, office visits of more than 15 minutes, house calls and nursing home visits when needed, and true coordination of your care with specialists and other physicians handled personally by Dr. Morrison and his office staff.

Is this an insurance plan? Do I need to keep my existing health insurance?

This membership model is NOT an insurance plan, and you will need to keep your existing health insurance to pay for specialist physician services, laboratory tests not covered under the Annual Fee, x-ray and other diagnostic services not covered under the Annual Fee, prescription drugs, and hospitalizations.

Can the annual fee be applied towards my insurance plan deductible?

Because the Annual Fee pays for some services that are not covered by insurance, your insurance plan might not apply the Annual Fee towards your deductible. Each insurance plan may approach this issue differently, so if you have more specific questions, you should contact your insurance company representative. Dr. Morrison can provide you with paperwork at the time of your annual comprehensive preventative health assessment and exam, or office visit, which you may be able to submit to your private insurance, but not Medicare, TRICARE, or any HMO, to seek out of network reimbursement. (Again, different insurers approach this differently, so check with your plan.)

I’m covered by Medicare. Can I still join Dr. Morrison’s new Practice?

Yes; however, because Dr. Morrison has opted out of the Medicare program, Medicare will not cover any portion of the Annual Fee or any services provided by Dr. Morrison that are charged separately outside the Annual Fee (e.g., additional visits beyond those included in the Annual Fee). Dr. Morrison cannot submit any claims to Medicare and you may not submit claims to Medicare for payment for any services provided by Dr. Morrison. Dr. Morrison may continue to write prescriptions and orders for lab, x-ray, and other services needed outside of his Practice, and your Medicare coverage will continue to cover all other physicians, hospitals, and labs. Participation in Dr. Morrison’s Practice will not affect your Medicare coverage for these other services in any way.

I’m covered by an HMO. Can I still join Dr. Morrison’s new Practice?

Yes; however, it is important to understand that Dr. Morrison does not participate in any HMOs. If your HMO requires prior authorization from your primary care physician for referral and labs, Dr. Morrison will not be able to perform that role. Also, Dr. Morrison cannot submit any claims to your HMO and you may not submit claims to your HMO for payment any services provided by Dr. Morrison.

I’m covered by TRICARE or am an active duty service member. Can I still join Dr. Morrison’s new Practice?

It depends. TRICARE For Life (TRICARE’s Medicare “wrap-around” product) specifically permits Medicare beneficiaries to privately contract with concierge physicians; however, due to TRICARE For Life billing limitations, Dr. Morrison will not submit any claims to TRICARE For Life and you may not submit claims to TRICARE For Life for payment for any services provided by Dr. Morrison. If you are covered by any of the other TRICARE plans (including but not limited to: TRICARE Prime, TRICARE Prime Remote, TRICARE Select, TRICARE Reserve Select, TRICARE Retired Reserve, and US Family Health Plan), Dr. Morrison will not able to provide services to you under his new membership practice model and you will need to select a new physician.

I’m covered by Maryland Medical Assistance. Can I still join Dr. Morrison’s new Practice?

Unfortunately, Dr. Morrison does not participate in Maryland Medical Assistance and is unable to provide services to Maryland Medical Assistance patients under his new membership practice model. You will need to select a new physician; however, Dr. Morrison would be happy to communicate with your new physician in the transition.

What if I need to be hospitalized?

You may be hospitalized at the hospital of your choice. Although the hospitalist service will be the attending physician of record, Dr. Morrison will coordinate care with the hospitalist as your personal physician. In most instances, Dr. Morrison will be able to visit you during your hospitalization, at MedStar Montgomery Medical Center, to help coordinate a smooth transition to home. For all other hospitals, Dr. Morrison will be available for phone consultations.

What do I do if I need to see a specialist?

Dr. Morrison will help coordinate your appointment with the appropriate specialist(s) to best address your particular medical condition. Dr. Morrison will closely monitor your progress while you are under the specialist’s care.

I have a Health Spending Account, Flexible Spending Plan, or a Medical Savings Plan through work. Can I use that to pay for the Annual Fee?

In many cases, you may be able to use such funds to pay for all or a portion of the Annual Fee, but policies differ from plan to plan, so please check with your plan administrator. By using pre-tax dollars designated for medical expenditures, you may be able to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

How can I reach Dr. Morrison after hours and on weekends?

Dr. Morrison will be available by cell phone and email after hours and on weekends, except when away for medical conferences and vacation, in which case the Practice will be covered by a colleague.

May I meet with Dr. Morrison prior to signing a contract to join the Practice?

Absolutely! Please call the office for a no-obligation meeting to find out if this Practice is a good fit for you.

How do I join?

You may start the process by sending Dr. Morrison an email at bennettm@verizon.net or calling the office at (301) 774-7334, to request an enrollment package. You will need to sign a Physician-Patient Agreement and submit payment of the Annual Fee in order to become a member. Patients will be accepted in the order in which they join, and once the Practice reaches 450 members, Dr. Morrison will not accept any additional patients into the Practice until an existing spot opens up.

What if I choose not to join?

You will need to select another physician. Discuss this with your friends and family. You should be able to receive assistance from the Customer or Member Service office of your health plan.

The following hospitals have referral services that can assist you with finding a suitable physician:
MedStar Montgomery Medical Center
(301) 774-8882

Following is a list of well-regarded primary care doctors in Olney Maryland who are accepting new patients:

  • Christopher J. Mays, M.D. (301) 773-7170
  • Mary Ellen Ritchie, M.D. (301) 774-6655
  • Syeda Bytool Moosvi, M.D. (301) 774-6655

I have a few more questions. What should I do?

Send Dr. Morrison an email at bennett@bennettmorrisonmd.com or call the office at (301) 774-7334. You may also schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Morrison by calling the office.